8-Year Old Crashes BMW Into Neighbors Porch

Ahh…yet another reason why there is a legal age to operate a motor vehicle! An 8-year-old boy is likely in big trouble after backing a BMW out of his driveway, crossing a street, and finally negotiating a slot between two parked cars before plowing into a neighbor’s porch! Thankfully no one was hurt…save the bank account of the parents and insurance company ($80,000 to repair the porch $20,000 for the BMW!).

Exotic car crashes

At least this was not a BMW rental!

According to one official, the child was traveling around 30 miles per hour before impact. There must have been quite a space between the driveway and the neighbor’s house to pick up that much speed so quickly, because that seems a bit off.

BMW crash

The boy is quite lucky indeed–relatives reported that floorboards from the porch penetrated the rear window of the car and reached the windshield, but the boy was sitting low enough to avoid being impaled. Is anyone else having a gory flashback from “Final Destination”?

Kids crashing cars

The only car a child should be driving

There were several children inside the boy’s home at the time, and the family is not commenting at this time. I smell a game of ‘dare’ gone awry…or perhaps a future Formula 1 driver in the making!

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