Morning Swim Interrupted by Lexus

A California family awoke to discover a Lexus submerged in their swimming pool last week! The driver, 40-year-od Modesto Cabral, had not been invited over for a swim.

Lexus in pool

Did Cabral get intoxicated and fancy creating a Lexus luxury yacht? A yacht charter would have worked better…and we likely will not rent an exotic car to this guy!

It seems that Cabral crashed the car through a sturdy wall and finally into the swimming pool as the family slumbered inside. He escaped the sunken coffin through the passenger side window with just minor injuries.

Lexus in pool California
In the driver’s defense, some say that navigating the “tricky” intersection outside of the La Puente home can be a challenge…

The family told the local San Gabriel Valley Tribune that while a few drivers have nailed the cinderblock wall on their property before, this is the very first (and hopefully last!) time that a vehicle has burst through it, landing in the pool. While a crane later fished out the 2006 Lexus, Cabral was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence with $10,000 bail and a helluva story to tell!

Lexus LFA

The best thing to ever come from Lexus…the glorious LFA supercar!



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