A High-Performance Range Rover Sport R-S Edition?

The wheels are always spinning when it comes to guessing what the luxury carmakers are coming out with next. Every once in a while, a company will help kick start the rumors, like Range Rover! David Waide, Chief of Chassis Systems, recently revealed that Range Rover is ‘looking into’ a high-performance version of the next-gen Sport. This will be a must for our fleet of Land Rover rentals.

2013 Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport R-S will likely look much like its siblings, which is not a bad thing. The 2013 Range Rover Sport is pictured above.

The leak spilled during an interview with Car Advice, when Waide commented that the Range Rover Sport is “one of the areas which the business can expand. You’ve seen this with Jaguar and its XKR-S edition. They’ve done very well with the R-S model, so there’s the ability to do those sorts of things with Land Rover product.”

What this means, clearly, is that there may be a more aggressive Range Rover Sport supercharged and it could carry the R-S badge. Let me be the first to say yes, please!

Range Rover R-S

The 2013 Range Rover is decidedly ahead of its time and exquisite. Rent one today!


More to come from Land Rover

The brand is also rolling out more room in the future, with an upcoming seven-seat Range Rover Sport. Currently, the LR4/Discover is the only Land Rover product to offer a seven-seat layout option, so a bigger Sport could certainly open doors for new buyers.

Overall, expect the next fleet of Land Rover products to provide a heavy dose of power and additional room on the road. Have you experienced the brand? Rent a Range Rover today for the full effect!

Range Rover Sport R-S

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