Sweet Suite for the Jetset: Ty Warner in the Four Seasons Hotel

For the jetsetter, mega-millionaire in you, the Ty Warner Penthouse in the Four Seasons New York got a serious facelift. Designer Peter Marino and architect I.M. Pei came out of retirement to help Ty Warner put together the most exclusive and expensive hotel room in the World. The 4,300 sq. ft. penthouse, spans the hotel’s 52nd floor.

The nine-room penthouse suite has towering, 25- foot floor-to-ceiling bay windows, with stunning views of Manhattan’s prominent skyline . Possibly the most fantastic city panorama in the world. Plus living room walls inlaid with pieces of mother-of-pearl. An indoor-outdoor Zen garden, a private spa room with a living bamboo screen, and a book filled library, boasting centre piece a grand piano. The penthouse comes with its own private butler and a private chauffeur who will drive you around New York City in a Rolls Royce Phantom or a Mercedes Maybach.  For a one night’s stay at the Ty Warner Penthouse in the Four Seasons it’s $34,000. For 34K you get one of the most luxurious pads, if not the most expensive in the World, and crucial bragging rights.