Abandoned Bugatti Veryon Discovered in Russia

While discovering ditched exotic sports cars is not unheard of, an abandoned Bugatti Veyron certainly is. It seems a Veyron was simply left and forgotten somewhere in Russia, leaving much speculation about how the mighty beast met with such a fate.

abandoned Bugatti VeyronRussia is filled with insane automotive tales, some involving brazen thefts and stunts, but an abandoned Bugatti Veyron? Ludacris! The photo above shows the grisly aftermath of the event. (Photo credit: Istvan Mera on Facebook).

The sticker on the Bugatti Veyron was reported to read “Autolehmann”, a very successful dealership in the area where the abandoned car was discovered. It is rumored that the Veyron was involved in an accident back in 2013, when it was rear-ended by an Aston Martin. But was it actually cheaper to just ditch the Veyron rather than repair it, and does the dealership actually have infinite amounts of money? The first issue that comes to mind would be insurance hassles and frustration, though it is not confirmed that it is the same vehicle.

Abandoned Bugatti VeryonOne thing is for certain–the one-off Bugatti Veyron L’or Blanc is not likely to ever meet with such a fate.

In the end, an iconic vehicle like the Bugatti Veyron should never be tossed out like garbage, insurance woes or not. Any true automotive enthusiast would treat her with the proper respect and restore her to her former glory!

Abandoned Bugatti Veryon

Recall the incident pictured above? The man faced criminal charges for intentionally driving his Bugatti Veryon into a pond in order to obtain insurance funds. Some passing teens caught the event on video, which ultimately led to the driver’s demise in the courtroom.

What do you think happened to lead to such an unbelievable scenario? Chime in below!

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