Air Harrods for the Sick at Sea. Luxury Helicopter Charter.

The world’s most exclusive department store is Harrods of London and just in case that was up for dispute, check it out. Harrods has just added a private aviation program to services offered. To offer the firm’s ultra rich clientele air support via helicopter and corporate jet, Harrods has teamed up with the UK based Watkins Yacht Management company. The two firms will offer a "streamlined luxury travel experience" for the wealthy at sea. Harrods will fly you in from sea to shop and back out to your yacht with bags in tote, luxury all the way is to be expected.  Next time you’re on the mega-yacht and get sea sick, take a break, call Air Harrods and spend the day shopping  in London. Yachts, jets and Harrods, life doesn’t get much better.