Joaquin Phoenix Brawl in Miami Beach Last Night

Dirty Hairy Wednesdays are the new sensation at LIV nightclub in the Fountainebleau, Miami Beach. Good friends Sam Baum and Alexis Mincolla have "Overthrown" Wednesdays, with hot musical performances and a fresh crowd. The Dirty Hairy debut party was a couple weeks ago, featuring Flosstradamus, Kid Sister and some dope animal masks, all in all a killer night! The boys both have nightclub experience and now they have a huge budget. Last night Klever, Craze, Danny Daze took the stage and then there was Joaquin. Yup, Joaquin Phoenix who recently retired from his acting career to take up a rap career. Phoenix got on stage around 2a.m., rapped two words and began exchanging words with a guy in the crowd. It went down like this, Phoenix said something to the affect of, "I’ve got millions of dollars in my f**king bank account. What do you got?" Phoenix then threw down his mic and jumped into the crowd, throwing punches at the guy. The crowd in LIV went wild, cheering for Joaquin to knock him out. Security guards raced to the scene and basically dragged Phoenix out. Miamians who had been waiting for Phoenix’s so called performance were pretty bummed but, hey, the fight was probably more entertaining. We still love you Phoenix. P.S. brother-in-law Casey Affleck was filming the entire night. What do you think about Joaquin Phoenix, joke or legit career move?