Is Another Audi Sedan Necessary?

Audi Planning to Make Another 4-Door Sedan?

Audi has recently begun to leak talks of launching a new 4-door sedan, most likely dubbed the A9, to compete with the Porsche Panamera, the Mercedes Benz CL Class, and the highly anticipated BMW 6-series Gran Coupe.  While most of us might think the A8 is similar enough, Audi does have some exciting options that might make the A9 significantly better than the current A8 luxury sedan. This may be one sedan that is added to a fleet of luxury car rentals.

A9 Interior

If the A9 were green lighted for production, it would most likely share the same platform with a production version of the Lamborghini Estoque.  A concept car introduced by Lamborghini, the Estoque might be going into production soon as well.  Just like the R8 and the Gallardo share a lot in common off the production line, the Estoque and the A9 could do the same thing. 

Audi Grille

The project has not been launched or announced, but Audi insiders have admitted the financial and engineering studies have begun looking into production of the A9.  While most consumers might consider this a waste of time, Audi always seems to introduce new technology into their latest vehicle lines, which make them very intriguing to consumers.  Everyone wants the latest and greatest in technology, and Audi is one of the best in that regard.   Should Imagine Lifestyles Chicago add an Audi A9 into its’ fleet of Chicago luxury rental cars?


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