Are You Being Watched? New Spy Apps Allows Spies to Read Your Texts

Technology trickery is omnipresent online, and smart Internet users are savvy about the information they share. But now spyware and other invasive apps are making their way to mobile phones, giving users more to monitor and worry about.  The Secret SMS Replicator app monitors every text message sent without the users knowledge, sending them to the spy’s own cell phone.  Spying?  Droid does.

Android Spyware

Whenever I see the word ‘spy’, I picture James Bond peeling off in an Aston Martin rental.  There are even devices to stick on vehicles to track people, and on some luxury rental cars, people just love to spy. Spy the camel toe on the Bond girl below. 


James Bond Aston Martin

James Bond Girl with Camel Toe

The intrusive mobile phone app comes as no surprise, as smartphones have essentially become hand-held computers, and malware and other negative forms of abuse almost always follow up new technology.  So how do you know if you have been compromised?  Currently this app is only available for Android phones, so other smartphones are safe for now. 

Android spyware

If you do possess an Android phone, know that the next time you are distracted, and your phone is vulnerable, your stalker, jealous co-worker or sweetheart can scoop it up, download the app, and have it run silently in the background of their phone, leaving you none the wiser as they read your personal or business correspondence.  Password protect your device to prevent disaster and abuse!

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 Cell Phone Spyware




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