Ask Imagine: I Need Help Proposing

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

It is officially time that I take the plunge and ask my girlfriend of 6 years if she is ready to settle down.  I have already bought the ring and I am ready to move forward there is just one problem.  I don’t have time to plan a full evening as I have recently acquired a new company and am swamped at the office.  I have heard that Imagine Lifestyles has planned similar events in the past and I wanted to see what idea you guys came up with for me and if I like it we will go ahead and move forward with it.  I want to propose before the end of September so I need to make sure we can move forward on this quickly.  Time to impress me Imagine Lifestyles.

Sincerely, Chicago Skyline

Adam, Chicago


Dear Adam,

Sit back and relax Adam.  We can take care of everything for you and make sure all you are focusing on is making the proposal as perfect as it can be when the time comes.  We usually try to keep events like these as simple as possible so the evening can be focused on you and your soon-to-be fiancé.  Two stops will be more than enough for a night like this.  First off, we will arrange for dinner at a restaurant of your choice with chauffeured transportation included.  We recommend a Rolls Royce Phantom for such an important occasion.  After dinner, we will provide transportation to an airfield where we will have a helicopter ready for a Chicago skyline night flight.  The flight usually lasts about 45 minutes and will take you right above the beautiful Chicago skyline and lakefront.  Whether or not you want to propose while in the helicopter is completely up to you but we have yet to have someone be rejected mid-air.  After you land, we will have Champagne and strawberries available and will provide you with transportation home in the Rolls Royce.  After we drop you off at home, the sky’s the limit, we even arange a Ferrari rental car or Lamborghini rental car from our fleet of Chicago exotic renta cars.  Let us know your thoughts Adam and we can have your girlfriend off the market in a few short weeks.


Imagine Lifestyles


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