Ask Imagine: Is Miami too Hot to Visit in the Summer?

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I am a fan of your website and blog.  I have been following your stuff for almost a year, thanks for the information and entertainment.  There is one issue that I have not seen covered in your blog, and that is Miami during the summer. 

Imagine Lifestyles Luxury RentalsI have been told that it is too hot to take a trip to Miami in the summer, and was curious about your take on that advice.  It would seem that the hotter the better with the Ocean and luxury hotel pools to soak in.  I am overdue for a mini-vacation, and was contemplating a quick trip to Miami to rejuvenate.  Let me know your thoughts on the matter.

Peter, New York


Hello Peter,

Thanks for being a fan of our luxury blog, we think that is awesome! While everyone’s definition of hot varies, we are pleased to inform you that Miami during the summer is an amazing escape. 

Not only are Miami and South Beach a luxury escape that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, it is on the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean, as you mentioned.  During the winter the waters are much cooler, and somewhat uncomfortable for many swimmers.  This all changes during the summer months, when the waters of the Atlantic become bathwater temperature. 

And like you mentioned, the pools and cabanas at our luxury hotels are a perfect way to spend hot days, enjoying exotic cocktails and taking in the beautiful people who are all trying to stay cool and enjoy the weather.  There truly is no better luxury escape than a Miami summer.

Right now the hip spots to stay are the new W Hotel South Beach, which just opened its lavish doors over the summer, the Gansevoort Hotel South Beach, Shoreclub South Beach, Ritz-Carlton South Beach, and the luxurious Setai South Beach. 

We say take the plunge, you will be glad you did the moment you slip into the pool with a cold drink in your hand enjoying the international cusine, world-class shopping, and luxury rental cars zipping by. 

Thanks again,

Imagine Lifestyles


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