Big Shock: Reports Indicate Owning an Expensive Car Attracts Women

Women Are Attracted to Luxury Cars and SuccessOh yes people, recently the British Journal of Psychology actually wasted time and manpower to study what every living breathing male has always known:  that owning an exotic or luxury car makes men more attractive to women.  This is as shocking as being told the world is in fact round, Santa Claus does not exits, South Beach has the hottest eyecandy or any other universal truth.

In this shocking study (note sarcasm), both female and male models were placed in either a luxury “high status” car such as a Bentley Continental GT, or a “neutral status” car like a Ford Fiesta (everyone’s dream car).  The control of the experiment was that the same target male and female models were shown in both the luxury and regular cars.

Participants of the experiment were then asked to rate the level of attractiveness of the model.  The models wore the same attire, facial expressions and maintained the same posture in each vehicle.

The results were predictable, showing that the women, on a scale of 1-10, rated the male target modelBentley Continental GTs as significantly more attractive. 

This study has an amusing twist, as the male participants showed no influence by the status manipulation.  Yes, the males rated the women the same across the board, regardless of what vehicle they were shown in.  So ladies, while there has been an influx of female luxury car owners recently, rest assured you will likely not be judged by your wheels in the area of sexual attraction.   Because hey, guys are guys, and tend to appreciate women and exotic cars separately. 

Similar studies have concluded that it is not just cars that will enhance a man’s appeal to women.  Studies have shown that a simple wardrobe upgrade to appear polished and successful can do the same.  So boys, if you can’t afford a luxury car, at least clean yourselves up a bit.  Think of James Bond, the man has both bases covered with his signature style and Aston Martin weakness.

So while this study was entertaining, it did not significantly reveal anything that any guy picking up a date in a Ford Tempo was not already aware of.  For best results, try a luxury car rental guys, if she doesn’t dig you, at least you have a night with a hot body.

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