Ask Imagine: Standard SUV Rental vs Luxury SUV Rental

Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

I will be visiting South Beach soon with my family of four.   I already know that I will need to rent an SUV, but am curious about the advantages of renting a luxury SUV rather than a standard SUV rental.  I know that South Beach is on the swanky side, and want to indulge in the vibe as a whole.  Could you give me some tips?


Michael, Chicago


Hello Michael,

Thanks for the email!  I am more than happy to explain the perks of a luxury SUV rental.  With a family of four I am sure that you have rented an SUV in the past.  There are definitely perks to a luxury SUV rental, including insuperable comfort, status, lavish style and amenities. 

A luxury SUV rental is designed with the driver in mind:  it looks how you want it to look, it drives like you want it to drive, and it includes the technology and comfort you want it to have.  When you are rolling through South Beach in a luxury SUV, you can feel confident about pulling into any valet at any upscale establishment with a sense of pride.  Whereas if you were pulling into the same valet in a dated standard SUV rental carrying the scent of the previous renter’s French fries, you may feel less than confident. 

So my point is, overall, the right luxury SUV rental South Beach style will have the looks, style and feel that is tailored to your specific needs.  While we have a variety of SUV rentals, I am going to recommend that you look closely at our Range Rover Supercharged rental, Cadillac Escalade rental, and our BMW X5 SUV rental.  These are three separate luxury brands, each with a lot to offer, and much personality. 

After you review our luxury SUV rental selections, just give me a call and I will take care of the rest so that you can enjoy your visit to South Beach!  Also, I see that you live in Chicago, we just celebrated our grand opening there, and have a fleet of luxury rental cars housed in the Trump Tower, where we are happy to serve any of your future luxury rental needs.


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