Most Expensive: iPad Comes in Gold & Diamonds

Unless you are completely out of the loop, you are already aware of the fuss Apple’s latest inventionGold & Diamond iPad Case by Goldstiker, the iPad, has been generating.  Well, if you are bored with it, or feel that you need to drop more money on your iPad, know that Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International has solved that problem for you by creating a diamond-encrusted 22k gold shell for Apple iPads.

The upgrade has been dubbed “The iPad Supreme Gold Edition” and only 10 have been made.  The shell weighs 2,100 grams, and the 53 flawless diamonds take the form of the Apple logo in the center, totaling 25.5 carats.  So considering, it is no surprise that this luxury iPad upgrade will set you back approximately $192,000.  But really, I could order a brand spanking new custom Ferrari, Aston Martin, or other luxury rental car for that price.  Sorry, Mr. Huges.  I will admit, I had a mental image of Flavor Flav replacing his signature clock necklace with a gold iPad…and it was amusing.  Flavor Flav

The base for the exclusive iPad gold case is the 64GB 3G model.  For the more budget-conscious, Goldstriker offers a 24k gold iPad available sans the diamonds for the bargain price of $3,242.  You can always just say they had sold out before you were able to obtain one. 


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