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Dear Imagine Lifestyles,

My wife and I are going to be in the Miami area for about 3 days this month.  It is a short business trip for me, and I am bringing her along to treat her to a nice weekend.  We are both excited, as neither of us have been to Miami. 

What tips can you give us for a couple of great restaurants, and entertainment?  We would really like to “do it up” as the saying goes.  My company is putting us up at the Setai, so we at least have that covered. 
Any help would be appreciated,

Matt, Austin Texas

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Hello Matt,

Thanks for thinking of us for advice.  I can certainly give you tips for “doing it up” in Miami!  You are staying at the Setai South Beach, which is a serene and 5-star luxury hotel, so you are already off to a great start!  For more information on the Setai South Beach before you arrive, follow link.

As for restaurants, I could never narrow it down to our 2 ‘best’, but I will recommend one sushi place and one steakhouse, to mix it up for you two.  For sushi, I will recommend Nobu.  Located at 1901 Collins Avenue, Nobu is a staple for locals and visitors who crave the largest selection of the finest sushi masterpieces in an upscale atmosphere.  The cocktails and entrees at Nobu are exquisite, and I recommend calling for a reservation, and arriving prepared to relax, as it is not known for expedited service techniques.

For the steakhouse, I am going to recommend Prime 112, the celeb saturated media sweetheart of South Beach.  Hey, their steaks are pretty fly, too.  Here you can find a beef-lovers paradise, with little tweaks, such as dried strips of bacon rather than a bowl of nuts at the bar.  For tips on tipping in South Beach, which our readers often find helpful, follow link.

South Beach is teeming with entertainment, from the sexy beaches to sultry nightclubs.  The W Hotel South Beach has just opened its doors over the summer, and has quickly become among the most sought-after hot spots.  We also have a plethora of local events, with new ones happening daily.  There is seriously something for everyone in Miami and South Beach, and I hope you two relish your first visit!

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