Hey 007, Make that a V8! Aston Martin and Daimler AG

Last summer, Aston Martin and Daimler AG announced a pending partnership wherein potent AMG engines would find their way inside Aston Martin luxury rides. Now the first official details have emerged on the budding romance between automakers.

Aston Martin and Daimler AGDetails are here regarding what Aston Martin buyers can expect from the new partnership with Mercedes and AMG.

As with any partnership, the fine-tuning process is non-stop, but Mercedes-Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche has confirmed that the first AMG engines will grace Aston Martin cars by 2017. To explain the gap, Zetsche said: “When you make decisions like this it usually takes three to four years to see results.” Anyone who has ever participated in a group project can attest to that statement.

While nothing is set in stone, previous murmurings hinted that Aston Martin would be receiving bespoke AMG V8 engines and access to electric components and that AMG would get a share of the Aston Martin company. Now some are saying that Aston Martin will be given existing 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged AMG V8 engines. These beasts are found in the Mercedes-Benz SL 63AMG and AMG S Class.

Aston Martin and Daimler AG

If it holds true that the existing AMG V8 engines will be the first to impregnate an Aston Martin, it is likely just a starting point to test the waters before investing further.

Aston Martin and Daimler AG

So why is Aston Martin downgrading its V12 for a V8?

When it comes to an engine, the numbers can tend to confuse. While some recent Aston Martin cars pack a V12 engine, they are simply two Ford V6’s paired up by Cosworth. The fastest Aston Martin car in quite some time was the 1992 supercharged V8 Virage Vantage. Therefore, the addition of all that AMG power under the hood should catapult Aston Martin into a position to compete with others in its league.


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