The Aston Martin One-77

Aston Martin One-77The One-77 is a 700 horsepower exotic car capable of ripping up the pavement with the best of them.  This Aston is an ultra-exclusive supercar, tipping both the price and expectation scales with upward propulsion.

Introduced to the world at the Geneva Motor Show, the Aston Martin One-77 manages to seamlessly blend luxe with racecar engineering, a marriage that merits imminent success.   And with a lofty price tag of $1.4 million, expectations will soar.

It is obvious that Aston has spared no expense with the arrival of their newest addition, named the One-77 because only a precious 77 will be hand built at the Gaydon factory. 

The exterior of the One-77 lures you in with sleek lines that suggest power and sophistication.  Other exterior features include funky air ducts, oversized headlights and ribbed sides; it is a carbon fiber aesthetic god.

It would certainly seem that the engineers of Aston Martin have been studying their racecars prior to the development phase of this exotic beauty, as it is brimming with racecar technology.  So let’s get down to specs:

•    7.3-liter V12 Cosworth Engine
•    700 Horsepower
•    0-60 Mark in 3 Seconds
•    Top Speed of 200 Miles Per Hour
•    6-Speed Paddle-Shift Transmission
•    New Carbon-Ceramic Brake Rotors

If you likey what you are seeing, remember that only 77 of these bad boys are going to be produced, and rumor has it that approximately 250 Aston Martin fans are inquiring about ownership.  Don’t worry, you can always console yourself with an Aston Martin rental if you are not one of the lucky 77 owners. 

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