Audi City Car: 200+ Miles Per Gallon Madness!

Audi is preparing to alter the ‘city car’ bandwagon with increased bandwidth! The Audi city car concept claims to exceed 200 miles per gallon, which is not unprecedented (VW), unless the claim of 282+ proves true.

The information was dropped by Wolfgang Durheimer himself (Audi’s new research & development chief) during an interview with What Car?.  This news comes on the heels of official confirmation of  several diesel Audi models coming out, which are set to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Audi is steering in a decidedly green direction, but do not panic: we still have the Audi R8 to quench the power thirst.

The Audi City Car could be based on the diminutive A1 (pictured above) with electrical assistance. 

Volkswagen will be launching a production version of the XL1 concept, which hits 235 miles per gallon. Rumors are circulating that Audi’s City Car will be closer to 280 mpgs and boast a more practical and less pod-like form. The Audi version may actually have the capacity to transport four adult humans. It may be a bit like the Urban concept car from a few years ago, in hatch form.

Our Audi R8 rental is the sporty side of the brand.

Durheimer relayed that the name of the City Car is currently the ‘1.0-litre car”, but only during the development process. The reason is because in Europe, gas mileage is measured in liters used per 100 kilometers (1/100km).

VW’s XL1 concept is a bit over-the-top for the market today.

Experts are guessing that the city car will need to cost much less than the sporty Audi R8 in order to gain traction. If the goal is for Europeans to adopt the city car lifestyle, it needs to be made affordable to a more diverse group of buyers. We will see what happens when it hits the market.

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