Autobahn Vs. American Highways: High Speeds Equal Fewer Accidents?

Ahh the infamous Autobahn…Germany’s prize roadway with everything but a speed limit! The thought of such a thing strikes fear in the hearts of most Americans—but what do people actually know about the safety statistics of the Autobahn? Many may be shocked to learn that the fatality rate on the autobahn is actually much lower than the United States interstate system.
Call it fewer drivers to compare, call it what you will, but many claim that driving 200 miles per hour on the autobahn is actually safer than getting behind the wheel in the states!

In 2009, the autobahn accounted for less than 10% of all auto accidents in the country of Germany. Drivers from all around the globe flock to Germany to experience the freedom and exhilaration that accompanies a complete lack of speed patrols.
How can driving 100 miles per hour and up possibly be safer?
It seems to defy common sense that driving at insanely high rates of speed can possibly have lower fatality rates.
Think of it this way:
1. How difficult is it to obtain a U.S. drivers license? (Answer: not nearly hard enough—based on the sheer volume of bad drivers we all see daily)
2.The autobahn has more restrictions than the U.S., just not in the speed arena. It is quite challenging to obtain a drivers license in Germany, so the drivers tend to have fewer accidents and more road knowledge—including how to properly operate their vehicles at high speeds. One must be 18 years old to attempt to get a license in Germany, and it can cost up to $1500 dollars.Autobahn
Fun fact:Unlike the U.S., it is illegal to pass a vehicle on the right side, leaving the left lane clear for faster vehicles.In America, you must rent an exotic car and reserve some track time in order to experience the elation of pure speed—contact us for a fast free quote!
Autobahn Lamborghini
You never know what amazing exotics you will see on the autobahn!
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