RoseHeads @ Bella Rose Lounge Miami

Bella Rose PartyingBella Rose is all the rage right now on Miami Beach. The new Smokey SoBe haunt is bringing retro chic back. Alfred Spellman (co-producer of Cocaine Cowboys) and Keith Paciello (younger brother of Chris Paciello) are the masterminds who just brought the "little lounge with big club spirit" back. Big clubs with tiny tables, pushy lines and power-trippy door guys are so not hot right now. In an effort to get away from all that nonsense, these guys gave us a revolutionary new dig in Bella.

Before the public media attention and noteriety, Bella Rose began gaining momentum by word of mouth in various party circles. Yes, they make flyers for every party but it isn’t for promotional purposes like the other clubs. Their flyers are for aestetic purposes and fun period! There is a level of comraderie in there that you just can’t find anywhere else on the Beach. Bella Rose is basically a modern day "Cheers" where everyone knows your name except bigger and better.

Fierce tunes play five nights a week. DJs Mark Leventhal, Tony G and Joe Dert spin everything from punk, Britney, Billy Idol, Jet to Jacko and the Kings of Leon. DJ Tom Laroc, practices the innovating art of video-mixing every Thursday and Friday. Rapper N’credible just did a private solo performance and MTV reality star Kristen Cavallari was in Bella sipping cocktails a few weekends ago.

A disco ball hangs from the ceiling, a steam machine fogs out the room and neon light creations flash on the walls. Some people have said that the decor is downright heinous but we like the early 90’s grunge feel and layed back entertainment of it all. Pieces of chalk are left out to graffiti the black bathroom walls with and we will be the first to say that there is something incredibly invigorating about autographing your name on public property.

Black Sunday FlyerThe joint’s signature throw-back is its "Black Sunday" night party hosted by whiz kid, Alexis Mincolla. He is a refreshing face on the party scene because he goes against the typical, money grubbing, girl pimping, promoters on Miami Beach. Mincolla is a good host with a loyal following, and he helps create a haute mood of swanky degenerates and playful debauchery for the sake of a grand party. If you have money you know you can buy a lot of things but a montage of memories and good times isn’t one. That’s why Bella Rose puts a premium on being a place for people who know that cool can’t be bought – at any price.

Check this You Tube Video out!