Bentley Mulsanne Speed Goes to Next Level

The flagship Bentley Mulsanne is now even more powerful and prestigious. The brand revealed the next-level Bentley Mulsanne Speed at the 2104 Paris Auto Show and she is certainly spectacular! With 530 horses and an entourage of talent behind her, this model demands attention.

Bentley Mulsanne SpeedThe Bentley Mulsanne Speed has been revealed at the 2014 Paris Auto Show and she is sleek and powerful. Just try to ignore her.

The standard Mulsanne kicks out 505 horses, which is still a substantial sum. But the Bentley Mulsanne Speed has opted to kick it up a notch for the next-generation. It retains the very same 6.75-liter thirsty V8 engine, just tuned for additional performance. It is a sizable luxury sedan yet still achieves a 4.8 second 0-60 mile per hour sprint and a top speed approaching 200 MPH. That is not too shabby for a 6,000-pound lady!

Bentley Mulsanne SpeedThe interior is accented with diamond stitching and carbon fiber for a luxurious yet sporty approach.

The Mulsanne Speed’s power is delivered to an eight-speed transmission with those nifty paddles. Special tweaking has allowed for additional torque and a new “S” mode (assuming for ‘sport’) that allows the turbochargers to remain on boost.

Bentley Mulsanne Speed

Bentley has managed to add more power while simultaneously improving fuel economy for the new Mulsanne. This model is quoted at 12 MPG city and 19 highway for a 14 MPH average. The overall appearance is pretty much the same as its predecessor, with some murdered-out bits here and there to announce its more aggressive countenance. It will be a 2015 model with deliveries commencing next year.

Bentley Mulsanne SpeedIt looks fantastic on stage at the show  in a glossy gunmetal gray.

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