Bentley’s First Production Car Nabs $962,500 at Luxury Auction

1921 was a good year for luxury carmaker Bentley, as it was when they released the first production model from the brand, the 3 Liter. In 1921 this model sold for around $1,870 USD, and recently one just shook the luxury car auction block when it nabbed $962,500!

Bentley Chassis #3

The Bentley 3 Liter, chassis #3

The typical selling price for a Bentley 3 Liter of this age is around $250,000, but because this is the first production car and in excellent condition, it demands nearly triple.

The cost of one Bentley in the 20s was equivalent to about 5 model T Fords, indicating that this was a luxury car brand right from the start. The first Bentley produced is also the most preserved older model left, with numbers matching and original aluminum bodywork. This is remarkable considering that the car was raced well into the 1940s!

Bentley auction

The Bentley 3 Liter at auction

Bentley’s first production car was made in Crewe, England bearing chassis number 3. Two previous models were created as test mules, so while the 3 Liter was the first model released, it bears the number 3 because it was the third made.

Bentley chassis #3

This was a luxury interior back in the day! It still looks amazing, notice the preservation and detail

The Bentley was purchased by an American in the 1960s and underwent a partial restoration, retaining the original engine, body and gearbox. The second test mule produced is owned by Bentley and is no longer a matching numbers car.

Bentley 3 Liter

Bentley 3 Liter, the white wheels are hot!

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