Luxury List: The $1 million Mercedes-Benz G-Class

This luxury SUV appears to have been based on a simple cardboard box…just replace the cardboard with carbon fiber.  Oh, and slap on a price tag of $1 million smackeroos.  Meet the Mercedes G-Couture.

This SUV is not only an eyesore; it makes no logical sense, yet there it is.  Yet, it does please me greatly that companies are willing to add luxurious carbon fiber to SUVs, it will not only look great, but lighten the gas-guzzling load and lower environmental impact. 

In my humble opinion, the G-Class SUV still bears too much of a resemblance to its original tank-ish beginnings.  Now it is a tank with a luxury badge, and demands a heavy wallet.  Now let’s get down to specs!

Engine:  5.7-liter supercharged (I love that word)
Power/Torque:  700 bhp
Top Speed:  158 miles per hour
0-60 Mark:  4.3 seconds
Fuel Economy:  Don’t ask
Competition:  Lunar Shuttle, Brabus G-Wagon, TechArt Magnum, Chuck Norris


Yes, the Mansory G-Couture is certainly generating its fair share of attention; hope it isn’t feeling to ‘boxed’ in.  The engine is from the Mercedes SLR, some take a shine to that, there is just something endearing about a ‘hand-me-down’.

You can likely deduce based on its proportions and power that this is not a luxury hybrid, but rather the environmental Antichrist.  That said, I still do not foresee the company encountering any trouble selling all 7 of these luxury boxes.   The intro pricing is around $700,000 for the basic model, with customizations available that hit the million marker.
Mercedes G-Class SUV $1 Million
The interior of the G-Couture is luxe, laced with rich carbon fiber.  The steering wheel is carbon fiber, the center console and there are awesome racing seats with carbon fiber shells!  Outstanding.  The way I see it is, if you are inside of this bad boy, you do not have to suffer looking at it!  Not sure it is quite luxury SUV rental material, however.

This is definitely a big list item, and among the priciest luxury SUVs available.  The type of buyer that can afford one of these likely already owns a Bugatti, Ferrari, Lambo, a few Porsches and a climate controlled storage facility already.  Bring on the pain.


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