Luxury Rental Item: Roll Out in a Rolls Royce Ghost Rental!

When you think of an exotic car rental, some see a sparkling red Ferrari and hear the orgasmic hum of many, many horses.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with the described mental image, some forget about the old school glamour of a classic Rolls Royce.Rolls Royce Ghost Rental Miami

You look like you have seen a ghost.  Before you get to absorbed in flashbacks of days gone by, take a gander at the modern and fresh Rolls Royce rental car, our Ghost.  

The body of the Rolls Ghost retains most of the classic design cues that we all love, yet projects a modern and edgy vibe following a makeover.  The Ghost rental is an excellent choice to impress clients, celebrate a special event, indulge in an anniversary, or be chauffeured for that intimate occasion!

Now that I have your uh, wheels spinning, you should know that the 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost rental is exceptionally smooth and silent, and every bit as comfortable as it is luxurious and beautiful.   Our clients and friends are continually surprised by the lurch-free starts and stops, and the power it produces in spite of its larger size. 

If you opt for the Rolls-Royce chauffeured, you enjoy the luxury rental car just as much as if you personally were to drive it, as the interior and amenities were made to cater to passengers.   Yes, all modern amenities, electronics and gadgets can be found in the cabin of a Rolls Royce Ghost.

Let us know when you are ready to sit in the literal lap of luxury with a Rolls rental to drive or be driven in Miami, South Beach, New York, Chicago or Los Angeles in!  To find out more about this beautiful exotic rental car, contact us for a free quote.  A Rolls rental also makes a thoughtful gift idea, don’t let the name spook you.





Post by Imagine Lifestyles Luxury Rentals