Black is the New White

It’s a scene as old as time, people are cheering, rice is flying through the air, and the bride and groom pause for just a moment before stepping into a luxury car to be whisked away. While that car is important, the focus is still on the bride, the groom, and of course her lovely white dress. Perhaps this is why more and more wedding planners have shifted to booking black luxury cars instead of white ones, so that the focus can remain where it belongs.

Weddings are often a celebration of purity, the purity of true love, the bond of the marriage, and the solitude of this newly formed relationship. Traditionally the bride will don a lovely white dress, which further symbolizes the purity of her intentions. As the rest of the wedding falls into place people have selected other white colored items in hope of completing a theme of color for the day. Recently however, it has been noticed that this can be a mistake, especially when it comes time to select a getaway vehicle.

Vehicles used in weddings have a unique role, not only do they transport the newly wed bride and groom from one location to another, but they act as a character of the wedding itself. The getaway car will end up being the backdrop of pictures that will hang on the walls of homes for years to com, and be posted all over social media sites. While the car should be beautiful in its own right, it would be amiss for it to take your focus away from this couple in love. If the vehicle parked behind the lovely white dress is black, as opposed to white, it can provide a beautiful contrast that makes the bride pop into the foreground of every picture.

A black colored luxury sedan or suv also has the added benefit of matching the current style trends that you see on the road today. From Jay-Z to Gerard Butler celebrities everywhere have chosen black cars for their day to day travel. As you drive around locally it seems that you can count 4 or 5 black cars for every white one that you see. There is no questioning that the classic look of a black luxury car is definitely “in” right now, and the same should apply for your wedding. If you do not have a black luxury car of your own then Request A Quote from Imagine Lifestyles and we can provide you with a luxury rental for the day, or even a chauffeur service so the newlywed couple can sit back and relax.