Video Clip: BMW Electrifies San Francisco

Innovative and momentum-charged BMW is revving up its hybrid luxury initiatives with electric car sharing programs across California. Recently, the green reached the shores of San Francisco, where BMW is providing car sharing, parking and more for its earthy cars. This is not the first incentive by the brand geared to reduce fuel dependence and consumption, think back to the recent Real Goods Solar arrangement.

BMW is expanding its premium car-sharing program in San Francisco.

The DriveNow program officially made tracks in the Bay Area this summer, showing off 70 premium examples of electric vehicles. On the heels of this program, ParkNow is set to begin soon. I suppose they finally figured out that drivers eventually need a spot to park…

Interested? BMW invites drivers to register online to experience the new electric and hybrid technology and take the cars for a spin. There are still 70 cars available to reserve, and they are counting on drivers to spread the green word to friends and family, a step toward eliminating negative and unformed views of hybrid technology.

The cars are completely electric and produce zero emissions, currently parked at 8 special DriveNow stations around the city.

The details:
• Reserve the cars for as long as you like
• $12 for the first 30 minutes
• $0.32 cents per additional minute
• $0.13 cents per minute that the car is parked
• $90 for an entire day (Up to 180 miles)

The ParkNow program provides the key to success, where drivers can reserve spots online at a set rate. Because the spots are so limited, this is crucial. Thankfully, more parking will be available next month. There are just 14 ParkNow stations around San Francisco currently–which are operated via a joint venture between BMW i Ventures and Urban Mobility

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