BMW i3 EV Shows More of its Electrified Body

BMW has been taking off more and more camouflage, revealing previously unseen parts of the elusive new plug-in i3 EV. This marks the next level version of the hybrid formerly known as the ‘Mega City Vehicle’ (MCV). The BMW i3 EV is a hatchback and should be emerging from obscurity to full production form quite soon—possibly by the end of the year.


BMW i3 EV continues to shed camouflage in a sort of slow striptease

The BMW i line is geared toward an environmental and urban approach at the luxury car. The i sub brand is smaller, futuristic, and capable of transporting urban dwellers to work on little to no traditional fuel. The future of BMW is about versatility and longevity—an enduring machine that not only stands the test of time, but evolves into increasingly enticing forms.


Side shot


The spy shots show the BMW i3 hatch coated with the usual swirly blue camo wrap that covers about as much as a Brazilian bikini. We can make out the silver roof edges and matching mirror caps. There are a few distinct similarities between the i3 hatch and the i3 coupe, which was officially unveiled at the LA Auto Show last year.


The air opening is visible and black, vertical inserts leading up to the fog light bezels. There are stickers reading “Hybrid test vehicle” located on the side of the test model, indicating that it will be part of the BMW range-extended line. This line allows the driver to select the car energy consumption through three different drive modes: COMFORT, ECO PRO or ECO PRO+ mode. If plug-in cars make you squeamish, you are not alone! The brand has implemented the BMW Loaner Program to reduce range anxiety for new buyers.


We will have to await further details, likely to spill at the upcoming launch. In the meantime, enjoy the World premier video of sibling i3 coupe below!

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