Mercedes-Benz Gears Up Infotainment with Garmin

Garmin has locked down a lucrative deal with Mercedes-Benz, and their navigation systems will be integrated into existing Mercedes infotainment systems. The move will enhance Mercedes infotainment systems with Garmin technology and industry experience. Following a compelling demo at CES, Mercedes has announced that Garmin’s in-dash GPS software will come out as soon as 2014. The Garmin software will work with the luxury carmaker’s specialized infotainment system, as an enhancer rather than a full-out replacement.

Mercedes infotainment systems

Garmin GPS and navigation software will be fully integrated with certain Mercedes-Benz models over the next four years

The Garmin products for Mercedes will feature a central command center in the console, with a nifty secondary display located behind the steering wheel. The system will provide seamless stats, directions and other conveniences drivers have come to expect on the road. It is crucial for Mercedes to keep up in the technology arena, with rivals like BMW always pushing the envelope.

Mercedes and Garmin

Mercedes-Benz is taking steps to stay up on the technology game. This is vital with competitors like BMW generally setting the standard

What to expect from Garmin and Mercedes-Benz technology:

  • More details will emerge as the project proceeds and specific launch vehicles are announced
  • Advanced driver assistance (ADAS) will help drivers with tasks like vehicle positioning, parking
  • Garmin features will work with the brand’s upcoming rotary controller and voice commands
  • Convenient maps
  • Access to pertinent driver information
  • Rumor has it that Mercedes will provide HD Traffic services in certain models

Mercedes infotainment systems

Mercedes has communicated that the implementation of Garmin technology will work with the Advanced Driver Assistance System and new Distronic Plus cruise control system with Steering Assist autonomous mode. Speculation places the first Garmin Mercedes system to roll out with the revamped 2014 S Class.

Mercedes infotainment systems

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