BMW is Exporter of the Year

The National Association of Foreign Trade Zone has named BMW ‘Exporter of the Year’ for motor vehicles. The brand is the largest auto exporter in the non-NAFTA markets and wildly popular as a convertible, sedan and luxury car rental option in the U.S.



The BMW plant in Greer, South Carolina churns out 70% of total production and anticipates exporting approximately 182,000 units this year spanning 130 markets. The Greer plant also happens to be the exclusive exporter of passenger cars through the Port of Charleston.

So while the nation and world continue to feel the sting of the economic downturn, it is reassuring to note that some of our staple companies, like BMW, continue to hold strong. In fact, the plant produces an impressive 1,000 units daily of the illustrious BMW X5 and X6 models and the X3 could generate 260,000 vehicles this year.

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