BMW Owner to Sue Over 20mph Zoning—Claims it Causes Damage to the Engine

A displeased BMW owner in Germany is prepared to sue her local city council if they implement plans for a blanket 20 mile per hour speed limit. Sound crazy? Not so fast—Diane Greenwood, 47, claims that her BMW struggles to cope in fourth gear at such low speeds, which would force her to drive around in third gear, which would in turn place undue strain on the engine and emit more pollution.

We certainly wouldn’t want any undue stress on our fabulous BMW rental fleet, and understand her concerns.

BMW driver sues city council

The lady makes a smart point, and who doesn’t despise creeping along at speeds under 30 mph in town? Greenwood is part of an expanding campaign of motorists who are against a plan aimed at restricting the speed limit to 20 on all residential streets. Greenwood mainly operates her BMW 320d diesel in town, and fears the excessively low speed limit will wreak havoc on her auto.

BMW Driver sues

Diane Greenwood stands poised to litigate

So why are some citizens lobbying for a lower speed limit? They claim it will reduce accidents as well as unsavory emissions. Goals Greenwood rebuts with the following statements,

“I’ve been driving around this area for 30 years and seen speeds get slower and slower, and no-one’s been run over in that time. In fourth gear, my car tries to push to 22mph, so I have to change down to third, which uses more fuel and puts more of a strain on the car. I’m all in favor of 20mph limits outside schools, but the roads around here are nice and wide, so not only is it pointless but it actually negates what they’re trying to achieve.”

She continued,

“It’s all very well saying I should get a smaller car, but I’ve only had my BMW for a year and it’s my pride and joy – why should I buy a small car if I don’t want one? If anything happens to my car, I’m going to sue the council and force them to cover the costs – it’s a matter of principle as far as I’m concerned.”

Diane Greenwood Sues City Council BMW

Mrs. Greenwood is flanked against approximately 7.4 million people currently committed to lowering the speed limit. What are your thoughts on the matter? Comment below!



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