Unhappy BMW Customer Smashes M6…Again!

Who could forget the jaw-dropping display at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show when a disgruntled BMW customer used the publicity of the show to smash up his E63 BMW M6? The extreme display was to draw attention to an incident regarding BMW customer service. The clincher: The man made the promise that he would do it again if the issue remained unresolved…and he has! This is one passionate BMW protest.

Crazy or crafty? Man takes another go at protesting BMW by destroying the same car…twice. Watch the short clip above of the men smashing up the BMW. They should have went with Rammstein for the music, but aside from that the point is made clear. 

The angry BMW customer smashed up his BMW M6 coupe at the Frankfurt show last year and has repaired it…only to re-demolish it in further protest of the customer service he claims to have not received. This situation seems over the top, taking anger out on a perfectly innocent BMW…twice! It will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes of these insane acts of automotive disrepair.

BMW protestThe official statement of the situation is quite long, so I shall summarize: The man claims that BMW failed to fix a transmission on the BMW M6 he purchased in 2008 after about ten trips to the dealership. The situation became more complicated when the man stopped making payments because of it, involving the added hassle of financial institutions and their policies. The end result is one very befuddled and displeased customer with an apparently fierce ability to maintain a grudge!


Less than pleased Maserati fans took the same approach in the past. These acts are proof of how strongly customers feel about their brands and the level of service they expect from them. That same passion is why customers are loyal when they feel satisfied with a product. 

BMW protest

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