LAPD Prepared for High Speed Pursuits with Lamborghini Gallardo

The police forces of Dubai and Italy are not the only ones with supercars gracing their parking lots. While there are exotic sports cars serving many police force fleets around the world, they are kind of rare in the United States. Now the Los Angeles Police Department has initiated a Lamborghini Gallardo, which will certainly come in handy for those high-speed pursuits!

Police supercarsWhile a Lamborghini Gallardo police cruiser is cool, it pales in comparison to the police cars found in luxe Dubai. Police supercars generate attention no matter what model. 

Police supercars

The LAPD Lamborghini joined the force this week, making its debut at the popular Los Angeles County Air Show.

The side of the LAPD Lamborghini Gallardo reads:  “To Protect and to Serve”. It should also read: “To destroy the pavement during pursuits”. There are a plethora of exotic sports cars found in Los Angeles, and they would stand a slightly smaller chance evading law enforcement should the force opt to use the car for actual work, which is highly unlikely. The police Lambo could be used for fundraising and other functions not affiliated with daily criminal activity. Recent media included the following about the LAPD acquiring the Lamborghini Gallardo:

  • SoCal Police Chases: “You can run, but you can’t hide. Makes you wanna join the #LAPD, doesn’t it?”
  • The LAPD Instagram account stated that while the Gallardo is around $182,000, it did not cost them a dime.

Police supercars

The supercars of the Dubai police force. Not too shabby?

Dubai has the most stunning exotic police car fleet, including some of the following members: The Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Ferrari FF hot hatch and one of just 77 Aston Martin One-77 cars, and more.

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