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BMW ConnectedDrive

The future of navigation

When navigation systems emerged onto the scene, the echo of eerie robotic voices gallivanting around the world seemed to scream ‘success’ in unison. Now the intelligent beings inhabiting the transportation grid we somehow managed to create…could finally navigate it! I, for one, find most systems less than satisfactory…as does BMW.

Yes, the methodical mechanical voice boxes radiating from that Garmin or similar device can direct you from point A to point B, in the most asinine method possible, but can they locate and secure a parking spot or avoid construction? No, they cannot…and they sound like Fran Drescher filtered through a broken speaker system after inhaling a carton of smokes. Enter BMW, the tech-savvy savior of the luxury car realm! Know that there are also parking apps available in the meantime, follow link for full details.

BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW’s new microNavigation system, ConnectedDrive, is coming soon! It will debut in the upcoming i8 and i3 electric cars and perhaps create a revolutionary and much-overdue stir in the navigation market. Let me illustrate how:

•    Maps out most efficient route, down to which highway lane to choose
•    Books parking spaces in advance
•    Utilizes a camera system to calculate which highway lane is flowing most efficiently, advising you to change lanes when necessary (A useful ‘back seat driver’)
•    Keeps track of where you parked via satellite, sending the information to your smartphone. This is revolutionary, gone are the days of losing your car in large arenas, parking structures, etc.
•    More to come as the time approaches!


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