The Govenator’s Ferrari 360 Spider is Crawling on eBay

I guess alimony and child support for his newest addition must be a bitch…because Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2002 Ferrari 360 Spider is for sale on eBay, with a current bid of $92,450.00 USD. Well, perhaps that was a rather calloused conclusion to draw…maybe he is just tired of the exotic sports car and ready for the new 458 Italia. One thing is for certain–when it comes to the Govenator, after the bad press passes, he will be back. Check out memorable Arnold montage video at bottom of post!

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Schwarzenegger Ferrari 360 Spider

Schwarzenegger Ferrari 360 Spider

Celebrity-owned luxury cars fetch a higher price than their ordinary counterparts, I cruised through the Ferrari 360’s offered on eBay and located cars as low as $45,000.00. If you want a piece of celebrity history, you have until Halloween to place your bid for Arnie’s Ferrari!

Schwarzeneggar Ferrari

Schwarzeneggar Ferrari in showroom

The Ferrari convertible is silver with black leather interior and currently occupying valuable real estate at Maserati of Sacramento until the sale. There are only 12,021 miles on the odometer and it is in perfect condition, save some semi-worn seating…where the Govenator likely spent a spell contemplating how he would emerge unscathed from all the unfolding events in his high-profile life…I know that is where I would do my best thinking!

Schwarzeneggar Ferrari

Leather seating…gently used

Schwarzeneggar Ferrari


Schwarzeneggar Ferrari

Seems a bit small for Arnie…





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