Bugatti Buyer Reneges at Vegas Auction

The sale of an exotic Bugatti Veyron succeeded in briefly transforming the upscale auction house Barrett-Jackson into a circus in Las Vegas on Saturday.  The winning bidder backed out of the sale, leaving thBugatti Veyron at Barrett-Jackson Auction Vegase auction company to settle the $700,000 issue.

Barrett-Jackson is an esteemed auction company, and handled the situation professionally.  Craig Jackson, chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson stepped up and bought the $700,000 Bugatti Veyron himself, protecting the integrity of the luxury auction. Jackson seems to be the ‘cool, calm and collected’ type, as when no one spoke up to bid following the disaster, he simply said,

“I guess I own a Bugatti.”

Poor guy, getting stuck with one of the hottest exotic and luxury rental cars on the planet.  Sigh.  He seemed to be content with his expensive acquisition, which makes sense considering he has an extensive luxury car collection.

Jackson was in the process of sharing his plans to take the 1,001 horsepower Bugatti around the Las Vegas strip, when a phone bidder who had discovered the incident on SPEED called to make an offer.  Jackson then announced that the Bugatti had been purchased, and that he no longer owned it.  So does that make this the shortest Bugatti ownership in history?

Jackson explained to the curious luxury auction crowd,

“First, he said he didn’t bid, then he said he was ‘trying to help’.  The bottom line is, he said he wouldn’t buy it and we booted him.”

A short time later, President Steve Davis stood at the podium and dangled the faux bidder’s lanyard for all to see, announcing that he had been removed from the premises, and that his bidding credentials had been yanked. 


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