Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse – A Faster Bugatti Convertible

Bugatti may have axed the standard Veyron coupe, but they keep unleashing the fury with faster versions of the top-dollar hypercar, like the new Grand Sport Vitesse. The Bugatti Vitesse is an exotic convertible that pumps out 1200 horses, which is outstanding when you consider that the Bugatti Veyron typically produces 1,001 horses!

Bugatti convertible
Bugatti makes hypercars

Every Bugatti boasts an 8.0-liter 16-cylinder engine equipped with 4 turbochargers and all-wheel drive. Currently, the Grand Sport is fairly extreme as it is–now the Vitesse will be stealing its thunder! “Vitesse” literally means “speed” in Bugatti’s native French, and this new convertible certainly delivers on that claim.

The Grand Sport’s W16 engine has been tweaked to create the Vitesse. The turbochargers and intercoolers have been enlarged and the chassis was reinforced to withstand the added torque. The Vitesse even uses some features from the Bugatti Super Sport, the current fastest supercar on the planet, including its tuned suspension and aerodynamic front fascia.

Bugatti convertible

While Bugatti is mum on the actual top speed of the Vitesse, I assume it will stomp the Grand Sport’s 217 miles per hour. With the Grand Sport holding the title as the world’s fastest exotic convertible, you can guess that the Vitesse will likely snag that with a quickness!

The Bugatti Vitesse will make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show this month, with production set to begin shortly after.

Bugatti convertible

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