What the Bugatti Vision GT Sounds Like When Started

When it comes to speed and titles, few match the long-standing Bugatti Veyron. That said, some find the startup and throttle sound to be a bit too soft and gentle for such an epic monster. Queue the Bugatti Vision GT concept, it seems that the engineers took note (pun intended) of the situation when developing this nice lady and gave her a much throatier voice. Take a listen in the clip below!

This video was captured at the Frankfurt Motor Show where the Bugatti Vision GT concept was shown for the first time. Here you can see her showing off her looks and special sounds to the obviously captivated crowds:

Fans gathered around the Bugatti Vision GT concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year and the aftermath of information has been entertaining. Some assume that the car is most definitely the replacement to the Veyron, which has ended its production run of 450 units. Now for the shocker: The Vision GT concept is but a shell…a life-sized body cradling the 8.0-liter W16 engine that somehow sounds better inside it. Perhaps it is that glorious carbon fiber skin.

The company has stated that the Bugatti Vision GT shall demolish the 250-mile per hour marker in about 4 seconds, giving passengers ample time to contemplate their life plan and budget to buy one. They are not revealing the official specifications or if the car is actually to hit production. Some think they are beta testing the exterior stylings at this juncture, but for the facts we likely have to wait until the 2016 Geneva Motor Show in March. It is quite common for the Bugatti brand to perform a slow, decadent and nearly unbearable striptease prior to giving up the goods on any changes. You win Bugatti, you win.

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