Did Subaru Just Break Out Some Sexy with the Viziv Future Concept?

Subaru Viziv FutureAll photos ©Subaru  

Subaru is best known for its performance and family fare offerings, with the standard Forester serving as the social and nonthreatening SUV for families and rides like the WRX, STI and BRZ attracting power craving petrol heads worldwide. But has everyone noticed the Subaru Viziv Future concept SUV? Are they breaking out the sexy for the Tokyo Motor Show or what?

Subaru Viziv Future The Subaru Viziv Future demonstrates the design language of the brand’s future.

Subaru Viziv FutureThe Viziv Future concept illustrates where the future of the Subaru SUV is headed, and it is so much better than previous  SUV siblings. As a tuned WRX owner with a fondness for the visual cues of the Audi Q5 and Q3, the Viziv Future caught my eye and seems to be superior to the luxe Q5 at least in terms of visuals. Rather than copycat many of the popular sporty SUV crossover bodies out there today, Subaru charted into its own territory with bold unique lines, contours and lighting concepts–it will not be confused with another brand. The Future fun doesn’t stop there–with the cabin renderings providing a preview of the racing inspired seating and upscale vibe.

Subaru Viziv FutureAll modern inside and out with panoramic views to show that the sky is the limit. 

Subaru Viziv FutureSubaru is brining sexy back—them other brands don’t know how to act.

The Subaru Viziv Future concept at a glance:

  • This concept is pumped full of tech, with sensors, radar, and nifty road monitoring cameras that allow it to operate completely autonomously at highway speeds. Accidents are avoided thanks to obstacle detection and it can even park itself in tight spots. Take that, mister valet dude friend guy.
  • Conveniences include climate control, connectivity and touch navigation.
  • The back bench folds neatly away to reveal an integrated bike rack concealed beneath the floor. Word.
  • Power will stem from the currently popular hybrid style engine. A turbo flat 4 from the Levorg wagon to be precise.
  • Finally, the look is polished off with suicide doors. As if the model did not stand out enough, this feature provides the final punch for the knockout.

Subaru Viziv FutureThe Viziv Future is the 3rd installment in the concept process, and it has certainly evolved from last year’s renderings. More will emerge when the Tokyo Motor Show rolls out October 29th, 2015.

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