California Woman Arrested Multiple Times for Vandalizing Luxury Cars

It seems that a San Jose woman has a bit of an issue with exotic cars, and not in a good way.  Nancy Chi Ni, 30, has been arrested six times since June on suspicion of vandalizing luxury cars, including BMWs and Mercedes-Benz’s in Santa Clara County.  So what is this woman’s problem with awesome cars?  I smell jealousy.

While she should certainly learn to admire rather than envy, it seems crazy lady’s problems include 11 counts of felony vandalism and committing a crime while being released on bail.  Yes, at the time of her most recent arrest, Ni was out on bail for a similar offense.  I suppose she is not interested in stopping.

So how did she get busted? 

Nancy Chi Ni accused of vandalizing luxury cars

It seems that an officer observed Ni as she scratched the side of a parked Mercedes-Benz in the McCarthy

Ranch shopping center.  Classy.  The officer spotted Ni acting suspiciously around another Mercedes-Benz, which had been vandalized in the same manner, according to reports.


Ni’s behavior is shocking and blatant.  She has three cases pending in Santa Clara County, including seven counts of vandalism and one count of battery, according to complaints.   More cases are expected to form, as Ni is l

inked to similar luxury car assaults in Fremont, Pleasanton, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara.  It seems she has been busy!

Ni’s next court appearance is scheduled for September 28th, provided she can keep her cat claws to herself in the interim!

Let’s hope she steers clear of our fleet of luxury rental cars in Miami, South Beach, New York, Chicago and LA! 





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