The Caparo T1 Evo Supercar is Geared Up to Terrify

Seven years after a fiery scare during a test drive by Top Gear, Caparo is back with their aim at an F1 car. The Caparo T1 Evo is threatening the scene with more power and hopefully a cooler approach to safety measures.  She will be named the Caparo T1 Evolution and it looks pretty serious this time as orders are reportedly being taken. Every exotic carmaker endures setbacks and issues–the end success depends on how the company handles them.

Caparo T1 EvoCaparo is coming forward with the following machine fury:

    • Completely updated aerodynamics and aesthetics.
    • An even thirstier version of the T1’s 3.5-liter V8 is slated to produce more than its predecessor. The standard Caparo T1 kicks out 575, so things are looking exciting. Rumors are circulating that the Evo version will be at 700 horses, which is equal to the Lamborghini Aventador LP-700.
    • Upgraded chassis with suspension configuration. This improves overall performance and rigidity.
    • Driver assistance items include ABS, traction control, stability control and more.
    • Available packages to improve track use experience.
    • It is not clear if she is to double as a street car.
    • The best part: The Caparo T1 Evolution may demolish the 0-60 sprint in just 2.5 blistering seconds.

The clip above shows the Top Gear test drive with the Caparo T1. The car catches on fire at the end.

Overall, the details are still leaking out on the T1 Evo. The company made the following statement regarding the car:  “While the new edition of the Caparo T1 retains all the race DNA of its predecessor, it also features ultra-modern aerodynamic looks, hugely improved technical specification and performance, and a range of professional race car support products and services that offer superb track experience.”

Caparo T1 The Caparo T1 predecessor.

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