Porsche Cayenne Coupe Could Expand Brand Options

Porsche is gearing up for the future with a new spin on its popular Cayenne model. The next-gen Porsche Cayenne coupe will cater to those craving something between a small luxury SUV and a chubby little coupe. The appearance is certainly different from any predecessor, and it should appear sometime between 2016 and 2018. Porsche Cayenne coupeThe Porsche Cayenne coupe…will it be a success or something of an experiment?

There will still be a standard Porsche Cayenne SUV available alongside the new coupe offering. Due to the immense interest shown in the Cayenne in general and healthy sales, the brand is experimenting with providing more versions.  In its most raw form, the Cayenne coupe is a five-door lift-back with all the sportiness and prestige the Porsche badge can offer. But what is the point if it isn’t much larger than a sedan or much smaller than the SUV? I think it has to do with targeting very specific buyers with very particular preferences.

Porsche Cayenne coupeThe next-gen Porsche Cayenne coupe at a glance:

  • This little darling is still very much in the concept phase, though some best guesses can be shared.
  • It will likely be positioned as a sporting/touring alternative to the standard Cayenne SUV.
  • It could boast a variety of powertrain and engine options, including hybrid and diesel-electric options. The future is all about having more options it would seem.
  • The cockpit could be influenced by the wicked 918 Spyder hypercar, which would serve to attract attention because who would not want that?
  • Pricing could start as low as $60k for the base variant, likely to be some sort of 3.0-liter V6.

The Porsche Cayenne coupe is one of seven new luxury SUVs being developed by Volkswagen Group and their many badges. According to Porsche: “We have been considering launching a more sporting derivative of the Cayenne for some time now. The problem has been the production capacity at our Leipzig factory and the strong sales of the regular Cayenne.”  We are all looking forward to seeing the changes the future holds.

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