The Exclusive Casa Maserati Fashion House and Lounge Opens In Milan

It does not seem that a mega brand like Maserati would require further marketing endeavors—but they seem to be interested in stretching out a bit in a luxurious fashion. The new Casa Maserati fashion house and lounge has just opened in Milan, catering to an exclusive type of clientele interested in a bit more to collect and indulge in by the brand. It seems that at this lounge, exotic sports cars are in fashion.

Casa MaseratiThe new Maserati fashion house and lounge is appropriately named ‘Casa Maserati’, and is located in Piazza San Fedele, Milan. Photos ©Media Maserati

Casa Maserati gives brand fans the opportunity to shop a collection of products geared toward luxury. There is no mistaking the building, as it has a posh forecourt featuring strategically placed Maserati cars. The cars out front are rotated according to need, and serve to draw interest and a well-deserved stage for showing off. Customers at the upscale lounge have the chance to test drive models like the Maserati Quattroporte and the cheeky Ghibli with a professional driving instructor from the Maserati Driving School.

It is not uncommon for a quality automotive company to also offer a clothing line. Ferrari has provided Prancing Horse memorabilia and clothing for a long time, and even Bugatti has a few special pieces like the Legends Series clothing line designed to match each model in the collection.

Casa MaseratiPhotos ©Media Maserati

One thing is for certain—Maserati has mastered the skill of creating an inviting atmosphere to indulge in their products. Keeping up with details and appearances is crucial in the luxury automotive arena, and big players like Maserati must consistently strive to separate themselves in some way. Maserati has achieved that task in a manner of utmost taste and class with the new entertainment establishment. Can’t make it to Milan? Visit the convenient online Maserati store!

Casa MaseratiPhotos ©Media Maserati

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