Looks like a Spaceship but it’s a Porsche Ship

Porsche is classic cars and now they are moving into the business of boat building. Porsche Design Group just announced a new deal that would have them designing and marketing yachts. The deal is going down with Royal Falcon Fleet, a singapore based catamaran and mega-yacht building company.

The yachts look seriously slick and futuristic. We may just be in love, the first project is going to be a motor catamaran. The catamaran is being called the RFF135 and will be 135 ft.  

Tank test results point to yachting speeds of 35 knots and don’t worry Porsche isn’t messing around for kicks. They are taking the project seriously, enlisting Kockums which is a Swedish marine engineering company and some serious naval architects. We will keep watch to see how Porsche does on the sea, keep you posted.


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