Cheat till the Cows Come Home! Falsely Insured Luxury Cars

It seems that some cheat-savvy individuals in Oregon and other farming states have been harvesting some major savings on their luxury vehicle insurance—by claiming they are used for the farm! These fraudulent claims have not left insurance companies amused, and the claimants will not be laughing till the cows come home!

Bugatti Napa Valley

Could you see a Bugatti farming in Napa Valley?

So what would possess people to try to claim that a BMW Z4 or Mercedes SL550 is used for the farm (Follow link to view our S550 rental and note how down-home it is not)? Discounts of up to 20% for agricultural usage. One would think the application would raise a red flag to insurance agents…but I suppose a Porsche Carrera could be used to haul corn…in an episode of Haute Cars Behaving Badly.

Mercedes S550

Mercedes S550

Apparently Quality Planning, who verifies policyholder data, picks up the errors of the agents. Quality Planning analyzed around 80,000 vehicles claiming farm use from Washington and Oregon, and were likely annoyed and amused to find 6,382 vehicles located in areas with little to no agriculture. Of those vehicles, the owners had a bit of culture, rather than agriculture, running through their veins because they chose luxury vehicles…but that did not make up for the lack of class shown by the fraud!

According to Quality Planning, the virtual farmers cost the insurance industry around $150 million a year. Some claims saved small potatoes, like a Cadillac Seville in Los Angeles for $61 annual savings, while others a bit more, like an Audi A4 in New York that saved $389 annually.
While misrepresentation is typically undetected and unpunished, it can be costly when coverage is needed and denied in the event of an actual claim.

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