China to Outpace U.S. Lamborghini Sales This Year

China Luxury Car Market Lamborghini

The United States, typically the stronghold of luxury auto demand, appears to be losing the reigns to China, who is poised to outpace the U.S. in Lamborghini sales as early as this year.  This is an unprecedented event, and a clear display of the importance of the Asian luxury car market, especially the China luxury car market Lamborghini sales.


Lamborghini Sales China Surge

Last year, China overtook Japan as the world’s leading luxury goods market.  The momentum has continued for the China luxury car market, with luxury carmakers like Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) and Daimler AG (DAI)’s Mercedes-Benz all recording a surging demand for luxury cars and exotic rental cars in the region.  The Asian government customarily avoids conspicuous consumption like luxury items, yet the growing number of newly wealthy are increasingly defying tradition and purchasing exotic sports cars and luxury items. 

China Lamborghini Sales

Meanwhile, the U.S. is suffering from the backlash of the real estate boom, economic explosion, whatever you prefer to refer to it as.  The Asian luxury market is absolutely surging with potential, and the U.S. is not likely to catch up any time soon.  According to industry research from J.D. Power & Associates, luxury car sales in China could rise 20% this year, while the overall passenger-vehicle market growth could stall 12%.

Lamborghini Aventador Shanghai

Lamborghini Aventador Shanghai

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