Video: Check Out the Stunning Spirra Sports Car’s Rigorous Craftsmanship Standards

If you’re a fan of fast exotic cars, the latest technology, and have an affinity for old-school craftsmanship, you owe it to yourself to check it out this clip on Oullim Spirra’s exotic sports car.  Lovingly assembled by hand, here is the Spirra EV sports car, enjoy!

*This video shows the dedication Oullim Motors shows to the Spirra exotic sports car, crafted by hand with great attention to detail.  You can also see the Spirra driving along the beach

If you are unfamiliar with Oullim Motors or the Spirra, it is Korea’s response to the Honda/Acura NSX, featuring all the components of a true exotic sports car.  High performance, 500 horses and sexy lines have boosted this luxury car into the headlines, and there is even an electric model, for the luxury hybrid car lovers out there!  Don’t panic, the electric EV Spirra sports car will not sacrifice much power in the name of the environment.

Spirra exotic sports car

Spirra exotic sports car

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