Could Luxury Hybrid Cars Someday Rival the Smartphone in Popularity?

The mastermind behind the luxury electric vehicle, Henrik Fisker, has wondered aloud if people will adapt to hybrid and electric vehicles just as they have smartphones and new technology like the flat screen television.  Mr. Fisker, of Fisker Karma, certainly poses an interesting question and perspective for the luxury hybrid car, luxury auto and even exotic rental car industries.  When and will the world embrace electric cars?  Can you imagine plugging in your electric Ferrari rental Miami someday? 

Electric and Hybrid Cars

The main argument posed by those opposed to electric cars and luxury hybrid cars are production costs.  Fisker points out that if inventions over the past decade are taken into account, new technology is usually more expensive initially, and once the development process is initiated, the production price decreases. 


Smartphones and flat screen TVs are both excellent examples to support Fisker’s point of view.  In the mid-1990s, a flat screen TV may cost $20,000, and now there are models for as low as $500.  Why couldn’t the same hold true for hybrid and electric auto technology?

iPhone Jokes

This is, of course, just the beginning of the electric car era, and technology continues to advance and adapt to the needs of the world and wants of the market.  Currently a small fraction of buyers are investing in green technology and buying luxury hybrid cars, but this number is expected to increase exponentially. 

Just think of the iPhone’s humble beginnings, and how a few ‘eccentric’ types began the craze we see today.  I think that just as new apps are continuously developed to enhance the smartphone, new technology will continue to advance in favor of the electric and hybrid car.


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