Criss Angel Makes His Exotic Car Collection Disappear

Criss Angel Car Collection

Criss Angel Car Collection

Mindfreak Criss Angel has done it again…he has made something disappear…not quite in his typical magic manner, but at a luxury car auction. Angel auctioned off a significant chunk of his exotic car collection at the 4th Annual Las Vegas Collector Car Auction over the weekend.

Criss Angel Car Collection

Angel prefers black

The following 7 vehicles hit the auction block at Barrett-Jackson:
•    2006 Dodge Viper
•    1969 Chevy Camaro
•    2010 Campagna T-Rex Custom
•    2006 Hummer H2 (with custom flames)
•    2007 Custom MF13 Lane Splitter Chopper
•    2007 MF13 Nub Motorcycle
•    1957 Pontiac Star Chief Convertible

Criss Angel Exotic Car Collection

I like his style

Criss Angel Car Collection

He’s a magic man

Apparently there are over 100 cars and motorcycles owned between Criss and his brother Costa, demonstrating an inherited need for speed! Don’t miss our pavement-peeling fleet of luxury exotic rental cars on your way out!






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