Audi Gets Funky With Urban Concept

On the eve of the Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi was busy displaying its funky fresh side with an all-new urban concept at a Volkswagen event. Rarely is a luxury concept car such a show stealer, but this Audi reminds me of the 1930s Auto Union racing cars, it is quite a surprising display from the typically uniform brand!

Audi Urban Concept

Audi Urban Concept

This model would certainly stand out in our fleet of Miami Audi rentals!

The stylish Audi urban concept is intended to be an electric commuter car for the hipsters, a bold statement of past meets present. This concept is not based on any previous cars, and both the sportback and spyder versions were designed for heavily congested city driving.

Audi Urban Concept at Fraknfurt 2011 from John Johnston on Vimeo.

I enjoy the design cues incorporated into this Audi concept! The freestanding 21-inch wheels are incredible and demand attention as blinking LED lights seem to flirt with passerby. It looks like it is arched down with its rear in the air in preparation to strike, like a jungle cat.

The urban concept is powered by 2 e-tron electric motors producing 15 kilowatts of continuous power. The motors are between the rear wheels and controlled by a single speed transmission. A lithium ion battery stores additional energy and is mounted behind the seats. The charging socket is accessed through Audi’s single-frame 4-ring grill, it simply tilts forward.

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