Warm Up Spin Toasts Lamborghini Gallardo

In efforts to properly maintain his Lamborghini Gallardo, a 31-year-old Malaysian (who does not care to be identified) decided to take it out and run it…a decision that he would later regret! A good exotic car crash story is always fascinating, but when it involves flames the intrigue is amplified!

Lamborghini Burns Malaysia

It burns the heart strings to see such a thing!

In his own words,
“I was driving up a slope at Jalan Beringin (see map below) when I noticed smoke coming out from the engine bay. I stopped the car and got off and then it suddenly burst into flames.”

Jalan Beringin

Jalan Beringin, the location of the Lamborghini’s demise

While he luckily emerged unscathed, this story is sadder than the day I learned Prince (insert symbol) was a man.
The businessman had owned the Gallardo for about three years, and is curious if a fuel leak could have ignited the fire. The supercar was a total loss, and local fire and forensic officials investigated potential causes of the fire from the charred wreckage.

The owner had last driven the Lambo about a week prior to the bitter, smoldering end. Hey, routine maintenance like driving an exotic sports car regularly is tough!

Lamborghini dinner guest

A most unexpected dinner guest…

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